Thursday, August 8, 2013

So what'cha been doing? Me, I've been knitting!

I know that I have been away for a while but I have certainly been busy knitting. I have a stack of FOs to prove it. Some of these things I can talk about and others are gifts for pending babies of friends. For now I leave you with this.
A stack of FO for 2Q 2013!

There is something so very satisfying about knitting for babies. The idea of a new little person wrapped in a handmade knit made of super soft wool makes me want to smile. I also love that these projects finish up so quickly. They make me feel like quite the speedy knitter.

This is another item that was not quite ready to be included in the photo above. I washed it and blocked it this morning. As you can see Howard was in a helpful mood.
Howard is "helping" me block a new project.
I also may have acquired some new wool. This is some of it below.  I was thrilled to get some rogue skeins from the Hazel Knit annual sale.

Newly acquired stash on bottom from left to right:
 Madeline Tosh DK in depth,
and 5 skeins of Hazel Knits in an assortment of
artisan sock, entice, divine, and DK Lively.
And the cake on top is Tanis Fiber Arts Red Label, in Papaya,
a club colour for July.
I do not have a plan, yet, for 3/5th of the Hazel Knits wool but I am thinking of a "The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief" by Orange Flower with the DK Lively above, in Cherry Fizz. Like this, except red:
Picture courtesy of: sketchbook on Ravelry.
The Madeline Tosh DK is a for a sweater for Finn. This is the third batch of wool that I have ordered for his Royal Highness and have finally got it right- to both of our satisfaction. The first time I had the wrong colour. The second time I had the right colour and swatched for my project and found that it was the complete wrong gauge. Crap!  Third time is the charm! My fingers are crossed.

Until this recent bout of yarn purchasing I had been doing very well on working primarily from the stash. But my second quarter stats are not all that bad.

2Q 2013 Stats

Stash: 66,935 yd
Traded/sold/given away (to date): 19,096 yd
FO: 4
WIP: 6

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Left Hand knowing what the Right Hand is doing

It started with a knitter wanting to make a nice pair of mittens for her sister for her birthday.

But then it became a story. (A Tale of Two Mittens?) There was drama and tears.

Now it is a war.

I post a picture of completed LH Mitten in my backyard.  She immediately counters with RH mitten at Mossiac Stadium. Okay. Point RH.


 So that's how it's going to be. Alright. Game on.

She posts pictures of RH mitten at California Adventure Park in Anaheim. I post pictures of LH mitten in her house doing naughty things.  She gets points for travel and I get points for creativity. And for touching her stuff.  Draw.


Both mittens called a draw and went for lunch. They were hungry.
It was a brief and peaceful d├ętente. And then that silly RH mitten snuck into my van and left me a present... and a rude note. (See here for explanation.)

Knock, Knock Mother Fucker, Indeed.

She gets extra points for sneakiness AND a hilarious literary reference. In my book that always gets bonus points.

Hmmm, how is a LH to respond? Any suggestions?

How about this?
If for no other reason than I was the only
person in all of San Diego, in July,
wearing a wool mitten.