Saturday, March 8, 2014

February was better... sorta

My new Grease is the Word socks
made with Biscotte & Cie Felix , in Brillantine
I told you all about my goal to NOT buy yarn until I had completed 58 workouts. Well, that plan is not quite as motivating as I had hoped.  You can see by the calendar posted above that I did better on the workout front in February than January (200% better!) But it was still pretty weak tea as far as effort goes.

As it turns out being no where near my goal didn't stop me from purchasing 660 yd of  lovely alpaca worsted weight yarn while in Ottawa last month. It wasn't a free-for-all shop session. I was controlled. I stayed focused by only choosing yarn with a specific project in mind.  This cowl has come to the top of my knitting queue these days. 

Imagine this in black, turquoise and red!
Hilton Field Cowl by Kate Gagnon Osborn
Picture courtesy of Interweave LLC
I have also started a pair of plain vanilla Valentine socks for my husband. Nothing says "I Love You" like knitting a pair of cashmere blend socks for someone who has giant feet. That's commitment folks. I have finished the first sock and have already turned the heel on the second- so he might even get them before March is through. (Just in time for it to get warmer you say. Ba Humbug, I retort. Haven't you heard? Winter is never going away this year.)  These are being made with a lovely rogue skein of Hazel Knits Entice MCN.

Here's an new addictive knit:  Linden Mittens by Jane Richmond. I love this new mitten pattern!  I could, and likely will,  knit these mittens over and over again! And as you can tell I also have a deep affection for self striping yarn too.

Almost matching mittens.
Linden Mitten by Jane Richmond
made with  String Theory Colorworks Momentum Self- Striping
 in Megallanica

Well, I had better put more effort into destashing because it seems like not buying yarn is not working so well.  Although I am trying very hard to be mindful of what I am buying and to plan projects from stash first.  I destashed 2,320 yards in February so I figure that I am still ahead in the game.

March will be another issue as I may have looked at (and maybe purchased) sock yarn on the Webs website yesterday... this will only be a problem if I can't accomplish 46 workouts by the end of the month.

That's doable, right?

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