Sunday, September 16, 2012

Concerns of the Week

I finished G's birthday socks and I am excited to report that they match. Each other. Really.  I  enjoyed knitting these and they seemed to go pretty quick. Nothing like little feet, eh?
I am tending to keep a sock project on the needles right now so that I can take a small project with me where ever I go. I knit an entire heel flap and the heel turn in a meeting last week. It was a really long meeting!
Happy Birthday G!
 I am also contemplating casting on a sweater for myself. I am trying to wait until after I have finished a few more of these small projects but I may not be able to wait.   Of course,  the sweater is not the one in my queue below but one of many that I have ready and tucked away. I am really enjoying knitting smaller projects right now- like baby sweaters. They make me feel like a super fast knitter.

What's on my needles right now: 
Above from top
 1)Baby Owlet Sweater,
in Cascade 220 Heathers
2) Olivia's socks. SweetGeorgia Yarns
Tough Love Sock, in Spring Garden
It doesn't look like it yet but I do have a plan.
  •  Baby sweater for sister-in-law's friend- Christmas 2012
  • Olivia's birthday socks  (October)
  • Mystery Xmas gift #2- I am still leaning towards ripping this project out. Still pending...
  • Queen of Diamonds Scarf- on-going- self made scarf pattern.

My queue:
  • Finn's birthday sweater (December) - This idea is coming together. I just need to do a little more planning.
  • Baby sweater for friend due March 2013
  • Baby sweater for family 2013
  • Mystery Xmas gift #1- part 3?
  • Phoenix Rising Vergennes Sweater #2- this will be my second try at this sweater. I gave the first one to my sister. The first looked really good and I loved the yarn but I was unhappy with the final size. I have already swatched and I am ready to cast on!

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