Monday, September 3, 2012

Genius, I told you!

One perfect birthday sock!
Well, I'm half way done my daughter's birthday socks. I'm feeling pretty good about these ones. So far sock#1 fits, doesn't have any weird striping (that isn't part of the pattern), has a normal heel flap and heel and doesn't have weirdly shaped toe decreases. Awesome!

It will be tempting fate but I still have one more to go!

What's on my needles right now:
  • Sock #2 for Georgia (to be started today)
  • Mystery Xmas gift #1: currently working on #2 of 2
  • Mystery Xmas gift #2- I am not sure how much I like this project and may frog it. However, I am giving myself more time to decide... the thought of doing another 48 repeats on this project currently makes me want to hide.
  • Queen of Diamonds Scarf- on-going- self made scarf pattern.
My queue:
  • Phoenix Rising Vergennes Sweater #2- this will be my second try at this sweater. I gave the first one to my sister. The first looked really good and I loved the yarn but I was unhappy with the final size. I have already swatched and I am ready to cast on!
  • Olivia's birthday socks (October)
  • Finn's birthday socks (December)
  • Baby sweater for sister-in-law's friend- Christmas 2012
  • Baby sweater for friend due March 2013

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